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Arboricultural Consultancy

We provide professional arboricultural consultancy services for private landowners, local authorities as well as utility companies and building developers. Our surveyors are qualfied to carry out professional tree inspections and provide advice on safety of trees as well as ways to deal with hazards from trees. Full reports are produced following site survey. Following our advice will give you peace of mind and assurance that you dealt with all dangers which could affect you and others.


Utility Arboricultural Surveys


Our team of qualified surveyors are ready to undertake vegetation management surveys in proximity of power lines. Our experienced staff can provide coaching for new starting surveyors, we can also provide all relevant training.

Protecting trees on building sites

Our specialist surveyors can undertake building site surveys in accordance to BS5857 – The British Standard Guide for Trees in relation to Construction. Advice given in report will help to protect existing vegetation during building stage. This helps to conserve environment, as well as avoiding costly mistakes.


Environmental Surveys


Our Environmentalists are keen to help to protect nature around you. We can provide you with advice regarding environmental issues a well as undertake thorough site surveys to ensure your actions won’t disturb all important protected animals or plants. We will help you to carry out your work in accordance with nature protection legislation and apply for relevant licences and permissions. we can also provide advise on ways to deal with invasive species suchas Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam or Gaint Hogweed.

Health and Safety

SAP Services specializes in health and safety advice in arboriculture. We provide industry specific First Aid courses for Utility Arb workers, Arborists and Forestry workers. Train your staff in accordance to tasks they are undertaking and make sure they know what to do in case of emergency. We can also provide advice on safe systems of work, site specific risk assessments, method statements and all safety related issues linked to arboriculture.
We also provide LOLER inspections for climbing and lifting equipment. For Utility Arborists we can carry out regular testing of Approved Insulted Tools.


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